Introducing gradle-syntastic-plugin 0.3.6

I’m excited about this release of gradle-syntastic-plugin becauase it make integrating syntastic with your Gradle projects simple. The secret is getting it to work with the Gradle Plugins mechanism. Now the only thing required to setup a project is to add the following to your plugin DSL.

id "com.scuilion.syntastic" version "0.3.6"

Here is an example of what a simple Java project would look like in Gradle.

plugins {
    id ""
    id "com.scuilion.syntastic" version "0.3.6"

Before this release it was a requirement to include jcenter in the repository block and add the dependencies to the buildscript classpath, but no more.

The library is still published on bintray so if you need to use the old style it is still supported.

Release Notes:
Example Usage Project:

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